Rio de Janeiro

The main getaway to Brazil is the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a considered as the “city of the sun”, and even when it rains, you can still feel the warmness. When you go travel to a place, you definitely want to visit the place’s landmarks. If you’re in Rio, you shouldn’t miss going into their popular landmarks. We’ll walk you through some of known places, accommodations and food in the city of Rio through this article.

Rio’s Tourist spots

In Rio, their carnival is the most famous in the world. People gather from all around the country just to join the party, dance and festivities that lasts for days. During the carnival, people are dressed in festive costumes and they parade a lot of floats. It would be good to plan a few months in advance if you want to witness this event. Hotels are fully booked when the major event is near, and it’s definitely difficult to score!

You’ll get to see the Christ the Redeemer, a statue on top of the Corcodova mountain. It is one among the 7 wonders of the world. On the way to the statue, you’ll see an entire, breathtaking, panoramic view of Rio. From there, you’ll see the concrete buildings that builds up the city with mountains on one end and ocean on the other.

Rio’s Tourist spots

Other than the statue, Rio de Janeiro is also famous for their beaches: Copabana, Ipanema and the Leblon. The famous Sugarloaf Mountain can also be found in the city. From there, the popular beaches can be viewed. It is even more beautiful if you go to these places at sunrise or sunset. It provides such a beautiful place to experience a sunrise or sunset.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio

The largest library in South America is actually found in Rio but is still under renovation. The whole city is actually experiencing some major renovations. Their infrastructures are being worked on for further development, especially that the Olympics 2016 is to be held in the city.

And there are a lot of tourists with variety of nationalities that you’ll see roaming around the city especially in the area of the tourist spots!


There is definitely more about Rio. Since a lot have been going in and out from the city, a lot of luxury places have popped out. Luxury hotels are available for accommodations. You can choose to stay at Copacabana Palace or Porta Bay Rio Internacional Hotel. These hotels have classic furniture and very spacious rooms as well. But of course, there are also affordable hotels. Though the cheap they have is cheap, there services and the views are excellent.


You should try Rio’s Academia da Cachaca’s food! They have excellent choices of foods that range from feijoada and escondidinho. The former is a mixed of rice and beans white the other is a combination of chicken, mashed cassava, shrimp, shredded jerked beef and as well as cream cheese. They have the atmosphere that is very laid back. You’ll be able to have a conversation with your friends comfortable since the tables are close together. This is just one of those best food restaurants that serves the best dish.

Rio is definitely a perfect place for getaway! The place is a complete package. It is very laid-back and is very relaxing. It can also be a place for adventurous people. You’ll absolutely love the place



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