Facts About Adolf Hitler

Did you ever think about Hitler as an interesting person, not just dictator and famous history writer? Now we’ll get more that 10 facts about Hitler, which might be shocking, hilarious and even sweet sometimes.

Let’s see some general Adolf Hitler facts

1. Adolf might not get his famous last name and be Schicklgruber – thus, father changed last name for Hitler in far 1877. It’s difficult to believe Adolf Schicklgruber could be an important history figure.

2. Hitler preferred healthy lifestyle and started first anti-smoking ad campaign. Special posters were spread among Germans those days and really affected them so the nation became healthier of authority he had. He also never drank alcohol.

3. Hitler was saved during the WW1 by a British soldier. That fact stays doubtful since some people tend to say that British soldier really could prevent the WW2 started years later.

4. He was vegetarian & created numerous laws against any animal cruelty. Hitler really loved animals but suffered from another serious issue – ailurophobia – he was afraid of cats.

5. Facts about Adolf Hitler also say he had one “Noble Jew”. That was Austrian-Jewish doctor, who treated the whole Hitler’s family completely free during their hardest times.

6. Hitler could get a Peace Noble prize in 1939. Hitler was really respected as a politician those times and was also on the cover of The Time Magazine named Man of the year in previous 1938.

7. Hitler facts WW2 say he had plans to create a special museum with Jewish artifacts gained during the WW2 & keep it as the Museum of the extinct race.

8. Hitler got Iron Star during the WW1 and was nominated by Jewish German officer. Sure, officer was arrested by SS during the WW2 but later was immediately released right after discovering his identity.

9. During years of Hitler’s power his famous work “Mein Kampf” was being gifted to every newlywed couple there for absolutely free.

Certainly, some Hitler facts made us think of this person as of a carrying human who loved dogs, enjoyed being a politician. Hitler is no more negative history figure but also a man who followed own beliefs and deserves to be respected for certain achievements.

Things you didn't know about Hitler

7 Hitler Childhood facts

There are additional 5 facts about Adolf Hitler & even more about his childhood:

  1. Kids facts about Hitler say he loved chocolate too much to be true. In elder age he could eat about a kilogram of chocolate during the day.
  2. Hitler wished to become a priest, when was small. The Hitlers family was religious and hoped Adolf could become someone close to the church.
  3. He loved Jewish girl from school thus never talked with her of own insecurity. No wonder little boys are frequently insecure & not that confident to speak to girls they like & Adolf was one of them. Thus in adult age he truly believed he has incredible success among women and is a really attractive man.
  4. Adolf Hitler childhood facts also say he could drown in the age of 4 years but was saved by a priest.
  5. He was obsessed with Old West of America since was a little boy. He liked to play cowboy and had huge passion for Westerns.
  6. Hitler was called “Adi” during childhood – only friends and family called him so what keeps us thinking about small Adolf as of an adorable boy.
  7. Small Adolf adored Disney since childhood years & that was one more reason he liked America so much. Nevertheless, that love didn’t disappear in the elder age.


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