Image: Fungal Foot Treatment
Image: Fungal Feet Treatment

Fungal inflammation on the feet does not arise from hits and trauma, this is an infectious disease caused by pathogenic bacteria in humans. Today the fungus on the feet is one of the main fungal foot infections that have spread among people of all ages and gender. As with any infectious disease, one of the causes of disease is the ability of infection through contact with a sick person. Its main symptom is a skin peeling. At the same time representatives of the same family and acquaintances of sick person, which are in close proximity to the source of infection, are at greater risk.

Factors contributing to fungal foot infections

Active bacterial growth occurs in the neutral and humid environment. That is why excessive sweating on the feet is something that provokes symptoms of the disease – contributes to a greater extent of the development of fungus of the lower extremities, especially in a closed shoe, where there is no ventilation. The danger is the fact that the fungus does not perceive low temperatures, so even after freezing it remains the causative agent. At the same time, the high degree is a source of neutralization of the fungus. It is killed within 15 minutes at a temperature above 75 degrees, while boiling – after 5 minutes.

Thus, use disinfection of fungi using high temperatures for the destruction of harmful bacteria. This applies first of all bedding, clothing, and those things which are in contact with the skin of a sick person. For double use not only have the boiling, but also a careful ironing of things. It is better to hold the disinfection of footwear using a 1% formalin solution, under the action of it a fungus is destroyed within 20 minutes.

Causes of fungal feet infections

As it has been already mentioned above, the fungus is active in moist, humid environment. That is why unseasoned shoes will contribute to the development of fungal infection. Often the fungus of feet may occur after going to the sauna, swimming pool, when using the shower, i.e. in those places which are characterized by high humidity are the optimal environment for reproduction of bacteria.

Fungal Feet Treatment
Fungal Feet Causes

The reasons, for which a person can face the fact that he has the fungus of feet, may lie in the psychological factor. Stress is a thrust not only for nerve disorders, but also for disturbances in the body, including stimulating the development of fungal diseases if there were the preconditions for it. Also the following causes can be identified:

  • Excessive alcohol consumption;
  • Weak immunity;
  • Frequent reception of antimicrobials;
  • Anemia;
  • Disturbances in metabolic processes;
  • Presence of endocrine disorders, thyroid disease, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Frequent reasons for the appearance of fungus are connected with the violation of the circulatory system of the lower limbs, chronic illness and various deformities of the foot.

In almost all cases, the appearance of fungus on the feet is a source of infection from another person. On the basis of age, adults suffer from feet mycosis (fungus on the feet) most often. This is despite the fact that the children, those come into contact with their peers and most often walking without shoes can be infected much easier. This feature of the infection of the adult population is caused by many factors:

  1. PH-factor of the skin in humans changes with age;
  2. Changes in the structural level of the stratum corneum of the skin occur;
  3. The immunity is weakened, which causes many diseases;
  4. Exchange processes do not work at the proper level;
  5. Chronic diseases that trigger complications appear.

It should be noted that the fungal foot infections are arranged to drying fairly stable, it only slows their growth for a while. At the same time, the fungus remains viable for many years by plotting in the scales of the skin or hair, which were left by a sick person in the apartment of the healthy person. Therefore, getting into favorable conditions for reproduction, the fungus grows and multiplies.

Women should be aware that the causes of the emergence of fungus may lie in their favorite beauty industry. So, quite often, leaving the beauty parlor with a nice pedicure, the woman brings also the fungus on the feet.

In most cases, a person becomes aware of the presence of feet mycosis only at the doctor when certain symptoms and discomfort begin to bother him. Or at all, when he nothing guessing passes regular medical examination on which the doctor reveals the fungus of the feet. That is why treatment at an advanced stage has a smaller percentage of efficiency and is more difficult and time consuming.

Image: Fungal Feet
Image: Fungal Feet Treatment

Symptoms of the fungus on the feet

Reasons contributing to reproduction of fungus do not pass without symptoms. As a rule, the main symptoms of the presence of fungal disease characterized by the appearance of peeling followed by detachment of the skin. With progressive disease, the liquid bubbles may appear at the site of infection. The bubbles stay a short time in this state – they burst, and then left in place of their deployment sites of inflammation, cracks and damage. At the same time the person feels a sharp pain, a fairly severe itching, and destruction does not heal for a long time.

Further, the fungus begins to “travel” on the feet, moving to the fingers and the back of the foot. These sites are also becoming astonished with blisters filled with fluid. One of the likely developments of fungal disease is that the bubbles grow turbid, burst, forming erosive sites in its place. Erosion is one of the adverse outcomes of disease, when in addition to the above signs such symptoms such as high fever, swelling, skin discoloration, and severe pain appear. If timely treatment is not been held in this situation, the fungus continues its movement and strikes the nails.

Nail fungus is quite common phenomenon, which is considered to be an accompanying complication of foot mycosis. At the same delayed treatment can destroy the nail, completely change its structure, and the fungus can live in the human nail for a long time, until the end of life.

Quite often, the symptoms of fungus on the feet are wet. Generally moist areas are normal for fungus, for which this environment is optimal. Most often, the fungus affects only one foot, but it also can reproduce to another one.

Diagnosis of the disease

The above mentioned symptoms require urgent visit to the doctor. Only immediate visit to a doctor is able to increase the chances of treatment that will bring proper results. Dermatologist deals with the problem of fungus on the feet. Even during the inspection of the affected area specialist is able to conclude whether it is a fungal disease.

The study of the affected skin will allow diagnosing the disease and prescribing treatments more accurately. The studies of area of the skin on the foot under the microscope and special lamps are an additional diagnostics in modern conditions. With their help, doctor can determine the degree of damage and forecast of favorable or adverse outcome.

Fungal foot treatment

In past, the fungus on the feet was treated strictly by operational methods – removing the affected area of the skin or the nail. Today, more conservative treatment based on the use of medicines, ointments, folk remedies, is used. Of course, such treatment looks gentler and at the same time providing good results.

Modern farm offers a wide variety of tools to help achieve rapid and effective healing, while providing a wide range of effects on many groups of bacteria. Thus, the treatment is directed not only to neutralize foot mycosis, but also for systemic exposure in the treatment of the fungus. Integrated tools and agents of topical use are allocated among the drugs for treatment of fungus.

Image: Fungal foot infections Treatment
Picture: Treating of fungal infections of feet

Lamisil and Diflucan are the most effective drugs, struggling with a number of different types of Fungal Foot Infections. According to medical data, their effectiveness is confirmed in a 95% of cases of treatment of patients. However, despite these positive results, the drugs are contraindicated for use in pregnant and lactating women, children and people with individual intolerance of components. They also have some guidance in terms of incompatibility with certain drugs that can be used in the treatment of chronic or concomitant disease.

Various ointments, gels, creams, packs and folk remedies are used as topical preparations. They are quite easy to use and able to enter the most inaccessible lesions, such as folds between the toes. In addition, compared to the medicamentous means they present the least danger to humans due to the lack of penetration of their component composition into the blood. But treatment with ointments and gels passes longer in the time – it takes at least a month to achieve the effect.

Complex therapy will have the best effect. Thus it is necessary to use drugs, given by mouth, external therapy in the form of ointments and creams, and proven “grandmothers” methods of traditional medicine. Such treatment is as follows:

Tincture of the flowers of calendula, celandine, tea tree oil and sandalwood are prepared at home. The compresses are applied to the feet for the night, or for 20-30 minutes, footbath using these herbs is done.

It should be noted that contemporary treatment ensures not only efficiency but also safety. Almost all drugs are nontoxic, and their great diversity allows you to choose the best price, quality and degree of treatment.

No self-treatment but compulsory treatment and administration of medications by your doctor is very important thing in the process of therapy. Specialist due to his knowledge is able to assess the condition of the feet, take into account the weakening of immunity, presence of chronic diseases, and the results of analyzes. And only after that he can say how to treat the illness and how the prognosis looks like.


Dermatologists claim that the main feature of the emergence of fungus on the feet is a general weakening of the human immune system, which can be caused by poor diet, vitamin deficiency, consumption of large amounts of drugs and a bad environment. Thus, the fight against these conditions is the best way to prevent the disease. In addition, symptoms similar to the disease must be nipped in the bud by a consultation with a specialist.

Acceptance of antioxidants periodically will not be superfluous, which include well-known vitamin E, and sea buckthorn oil. Also, taking vitamins is an important thing in the diet of every person: in the summer – these are fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, in winter – multivitamin complexes. The absence of traumatic and excessive sweating of the feet is the preventive measures that provide impeding effect on the fungus on the feet. To do this, wear comfortable, quality shoes made of natural materials. Thus it is necessary to dry shoes thoroughly after everyday use, as well as use special spray for drying.

The sake of prophylaxis being at a party, do not walk on the carpet or sit on the sofa with bare feet, and you cannot use other people’s slippers and put on other people’s things. You should wipe your feet to dry and use an antimicrobial agent of topical application after swimming and using of public spaces – swimming pool, sauna, and shower room.



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