Picture of Fungal Nail Infection
Picture: Fungal Nail Infection

Feet mycosis is a fungal infection of the skin and nails of the feet. Most often, it affects the interdigital folds. If you neglect the onychomycosis, the disease spreads across the foot. Let’s take a closer look on, what the symptoms and causes of fungal nail are, and in what ways the treatment is carried out.

The causes and forms of onychomycosis

Feet mycosis can be picked up in a public bath, sauna, and pool. The reasons of occurrence of fungus are as follows:

  • microtrauma;
  • diaper rash;
  • fray;
  • very dry skin;
  • excessive sweating;
  • other skin lesions, fungal infections through which enter the body.

If you do not defuse these reasons in a timely manner, they lead to the formation of mycosis.

Onychomycosis has the following forms of expression:

  1. The initial form of the disease is called erased one. The skin between the fingers crack and starts to peel off. Painful sensations are not observed;
  2. The small lamellar scales are formed between the toes and at the side of the feet during the squamous form of mycosis. Sometimes the skin in these places becomes very hot and starts to itch;
  3. When hyperkeratotic form dry flat papules and plaques of blue-red color occur in the arch of the foot. Eruptions of different thickness layers are merged into larger pockets. The skin becomes very dry, itchy, sometimes it is painful;
  4. When intertriginous form of mycosis diaper rash, which is characterized by redness and swelling occurs. Deep and painful erosion and cracks can develop. Skin itches, burns and hurts;
  5. When dehydrogenated form many bubbles with a thick crust are formed. It affects the arch of the foot more often. With increasing of the inflammatory process skin swells and becomes hot. It begins to itch;
  6. The acute form of the disease. Some types of fungus can cause such a disease as athlete’s foot. It is characterized by rapid progression of exudative mycosis. Skin on the feet and legs swells rapidly, covered with abundant vesicles and bubbles with gray purulent contents. If bubbles are revealed the numerous erosion are formed. The temperature of the entire body is greatly increased. The patient becomes weak, have a headache, it is difficult to move.

Athlete’s foot is a serious disease that needs to be timely and proper treated, and the treatment must be appointed by a doctor.

Nail fungus pics
Nail fungus pics

Symptoms of disease

When you contact a doctor, it is important to tell him and show all the symptoms that bother the patient’s skin. An experienced specialist with the naked eye can identify the problem of the patient. Feet mycosis has the following symptoms:

  • First fungal infection affects the skin between the toes. It then goes to the nails and feet;
  • In some situations, the nails are not deformed but thickened at the corners and become yellow;
  • In hypertrophic form nails thicken and become dull and dirty-looking. They disintegrate at the edges;
  • In the combined lesion of feet and toes, the skin becomes red and scaly. Chafing and cracks appear, which will soon turn into erosion;
  • Athlete’s foot is developing due to improper or neglected treatment. Appeared bubbles begin to burst and form large oozing erosion.
  • These symptoms indicate a problem with the wheel feet and in some cases take place without pain. For this reason, people do not even notice the occurrence of such diseases as feet mycosis, which turns from a simple form into such disease as athlete’s foot.

Nail fungus treatment

You cannot cure onychomycosis only with antifungal agents. Treatment should be complex. First, it is important to remove the affected site of the nail by means of mechanical action or keratolytic plaster. Thereafter antifungal ointments, lotions, solutions or varnishes can be applied.

During mechanical removal the affected nail fragments or skin of the foot cut down or scraper wire cutters. Keratolytic patches soften the nail, so it is removed with a scalpel or scissors easily and painlessly. Thus, the patches helped win onychomycosis painless.

Treatment of disease is carried by a quick set Mikospor which includes ointment consisting of bifonazole and urea. Nails and feet, which have suffered from such disease as onychomycosis are lubricated with this ointment. Plasters and a bandage are applied on top. After 24 hours, exfoliated skin is scraped off with special tools. It is recommended to do these procedures until the injured nail and skin of the foot will be deleted. Further topical antifungal lacquer is used to cure feet mycosis.

Treatment of feet mycosis is made in following ways

– Griseofulvin must be taken inside of six tablets a day for the first 30 days. The next 30 days – you need to take the same number of pills in a day. From the third month of treatment and the full recovery of nails you should take six tablets twice in seven days. It is necessary to drink tablets with vegetable oil. Athlete’s foot must be treated for a year – or half in this manner. Griseofulvin has many contraindications and side effects, so it is better to treat onychomycosis with other more sparing drugs;

– Treatment of a disease with ketoconazole is held by receiving the 200 milligrams of the drug inside with a meal once a day. Athlete’s foot is treated with ketoconazole for 8 – 12 months. For quick recovery it is important to remove the affected area of skin and nail surgically;

– Athlete’s foot is also treated with the drug itraconazole. According to the first reception scheme you need to drink two capsules of the drug for three months every day. The second scheme of treatment of mycosis is carried out as follows. It is necessary to drink 200 mg of itraconazole twice a day the first week. Then you need to take a break for three weeks, and then continue the week of treatment. Feet mycosis is treated for three – four such courses;

– Onychomycosis is also treated with terbinafine for three months. Every day you should to take one tablet;

– Treatment of a disease is also carried out by fluconazole. Throughout the year, you need to drink 150 milligrams of the drug once a week.

Athlete’s foot is treated according to certain rules

– First you need to pass all necessary analysis and undergo the necessary tests. Only after the results of tests the doctor puts a precise diagnosis and prescribes treatment on their basis;

– During treatment with systemic antifungal agents it is necessary to exclude the reception of other medicines. If there are medicines those the patient has to take each day without a break, it is necessary to inform the doctor about it;

– It is necessary to exclude the use of black bread, legumes, milk, cabbage to prevent gastrointestinal disorders during treatment of such diseases as feet mycosis;

– It is also important to wear proper walking shoes when you are treating athlete’s foot. These shoes will prevent further damage and abrasions on the feet suffered from fungus;

– In two weeks after the start of treatment it is necessary to come for re-examination to the doctor. You may need to adjust the treatment slightly or completely. Then re-examination is conducted in a month;

– Control microscopy is performed in six months after completion of treatment. If in time study the pathogenic fungi are found, the doctor will prescribe to undergo treatment again. Be sure to remove the damaged nail and skin surgically.

These rules will help to cure onychomycosis successfully and safely.

Onychomycosis treatment
Picture: Onychomycosis treatment. Fungal nail infection

Traditional medicine and feet mycosis

You can cure feet mycosis, using traditional medicines together with the main methods of treatment. These are the main traditional treatments of the disease:

– Antibacterial soap (30 grams) and baking soda (30 g) diluted in warm water (five liters). You can add the sea salt (15 grams) and a handful of kelp in the tub. Dip your feet on twenty minutes in the resulting bath. Blot with paper towels feet at the end of the procedure. Then remove damaged skin. Athlete’s foot must be treated in this way for two – three months;

– Lubricate the affected by fungus nails with vinegar and five percent tincture of iodine. They should be alternated every 14 days to complete the destruction of the fungus. Feet mycosis is treated for an average of four – six months in such a way;

– Lubricate suffered from mycosis feet with milkweed juice twice a day. For this 60 grams of plant of milkweed put in one liter of boiling water for a couple hours. The feet are placed in a hot infusion and hover for 30 minutes before bedtime;

– Mix in equal proportions vinegar and carrot juice. Cotton swabs are dipped in a preparation and feet are smeared with them;

– Dissolve a pack of dried celandine in a liter of vinegar. Let it brew for two months. Some time later, strain it and add five tablespoons of table salt. In the evening, wash your feet and place them for five minutes in a gained infusion. Then dry them with napkins and go to sleep.

Described traditional ways to treat such disease as onychomycosis, can be used only after consulting a doctor because the selftreatment can lead to a not very good consequences.

Disease prevention

It is easier to prevent feet mycosis than to treat it. Therefore, it is important to abide by the rules of prevention the disease:

  1. Try to observe good personal hygiene. Wipe your feet just with your personal towel;
  2. Do aot walk barefoot in public places – in the swimming pool, shower, locker room;
  3. It is necessary to put on clean socks every day;
  4. Feet should always be clean and dry;
  5. Ventilate and dry shoes. Because the fungus likes moist and warm environment in which it multiplies very quickly;
  6. When you receive shower before and after the pool is necessary to wear rubber slippers;
  7. After consulting with the doctor, you can drink a course of preventive drugs against fungal infections of the feet;
  8. Strengthen your immune system with vitamins and proper diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, dairy, and other useful products;
  9. Do not eat foods that cause allergic reactions in the body;
  10. Walk outdoors adequate amount of time.

Only strictly following the above measures of prevention you can avoid the onychomycosis.

Now you know what feet mycosis is, which causes and symptoms it has, what research and treatment are needed to be conducted to get rid of disease as quickly as possible. If you comply with all recommendations of the doctor, re-emergence of the disease can be avoided.



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